To know


  • What are the check-in and check-out times? check-in is from 3pm and check-out time is 11am. At quieter times of the year we may be able to offer some flexibility with this, but it will be on request

  • Do you offer free WIFi? yes. There is free wifi available in the rooms and around the garden. Please note that since we are off-grid, the signal can occasionally be erratic, so we advise our clients to ensure they have also enabled mobile data with their home network in order to be able to access the internet at all times. We do our best to provide this service but we hope that you'll be able to check out completely from the web and enjoy the house and garden away from your devices

  • Do you have air-conditioning? we pride ourselves on our eco credentials and are not generally in favour of the use of  air-conditioning units. HOWEVER, for guest comfort we have installed air-conditioning units in the bedrooms and these will be operational during the hotter months (generally July and August, during the afternoon and evening, with scheduled timings). We encourage our guests to make use of our super-duper quiet and efficient ceiling fans (available year round) instead of the A/C units.  Finally, please note that our air-conditioning is programmed to reduce the room temperatures down to a more comfortable level rather than to create an icy cold environment. We recommend sleeping with the fan on, and ideally a window open (there are mosquito screens on the windows) for an extremely comfortable and natural nights sleep.....whilst also being kinder to the planet

  • Should I bring a hairdryer? we provide hairdryers in all the rooms that are rated at 1200W. If you would like to use your own hairdryer you will need to ensure that it is rated at lower than 1500W (higher power dryers cause havoc with solar batteries and can cause power outages)

  • Can I drink the tap water? we do not recommend that you drink the tap water. We provide drinking water in all rooms and you can ask us for unlimited free refills at any time, or help yourself to additional bottles of drinking water from the fridge in the living room. 

  • Do you have a restaurant on site? we don't have a restaurant but we do offer a daily continental breakfast hamper, delivered to your door every morning. There is a fantastic tapas bar, serving lunch within a 10 minute walk (2 minute drive), and you will find an excellent choice of bars and restaurants in Pozo de los Frailes and in San Jose (5 minute drive away)

  • Do you permit parties or group bookings? Little Agave is a retreat, ideal for couples and friends looking to unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy town - we try to retain a tranquil environment for all our guests so we don't permit large groups and we kindly ask that our guests are considerate of our neighbours by keeping noise down to a minimum after 11pm. We can advise you on the best local drinkeries and eateries locally in San Jose or slightly further afield in Almeria, and we can arrange a taxi for you

  • Is it tranquil at Little Agave? yes yes yes! Little Agave is situated in a tranquil rural setting on the very edge of the Cabo de Gata Natural park. All our rooms have double glazing, sound insulation and their own private entrance. The house living room and sitting room are open daily until 11pm (or later on request). We ask that our guests are considerate of our neighbours by keeping noise down to a minimum after 11pm. We can advise you on the best local drinkeries and eateries locally in San Jose or slightly further afield in Almeria, and we can arrange a taxi for you

  • Do you have a swimming pool? Yes! we have a lovely 10mx3m pool for your use. We also have a hot tub (winter) / cool tub (summer) for your use. Some of the finest beaches in Spain can also be found within a very short drive

  • Is there parking at Little Agave? yes we offer free parking for all our guests, with 3 of the spaces shaded from the sun

  • Is there any public transport from the house? from the roundabout in Boca de los Frailes (a 10 minute walk from our door) there is a bus service operating 3 times a day to San Jose, to the best beaches (Monsul, Genoveses and Barronal amongst others) and to Almeria. There is also a local taxi service operating in the area (we provide guests with the contact details)

  • I am allergic to cats/dogs - are your pets freely roaming around the property? yes, Arthur and Peggy are free to move around the property, but are NOT allowed in the bedrooms. We ask that guests don't invite Arthur and Peggy into their rooms.

  • Can we give Arthur and Peggy food? please please please DO NOT feed our pets. Arthur is on a special medical diet and any human food can have serious health implications for him

  • What is the smoking policy? all our rooms are non-smoking, but we can provide you with an ashtray for your terrace. We would also ask you to be considerate around other guests. It is not permitted to smoke while in the Jacuzzi or in the vicinity of the jacuzzi

  • Since Little Agave is off-grid can we expect power cuts or loss of water? we have installed a top of the range solar electric system along with a back up generator so power should never go (we have never lost power since the installation). Water is delivered to us on a regular basis and we manage this very carefully, so there should be no times when water runs out. PLEASE READ the section at the bottom of this page regarding electric and water use

  • Is the tap water drinkable? NO, our tap water is not drinkable. We provide separate drinking water to all guests free of charge and available at all times

  • Why don't you accept children under 16 years old? children of 12+ years are welcome if you book all rooms. Little Agave is a small retreat in a very tranquil setting, so to minimise disturbance to other guests we took the decision to remain primarily adults only. It is also worth noting that the terrain surrounding the house is pebbled and our garden is full of spiky plants so the house is not suitable for younger children or those prone to getting up to mischief in the garden

  • How much do you charge for extra hot tub sessions (Oct-May)? every booking of 2 or more nights receives one free hot tub session for 2 people (1 hour) in our wood-burning hot tub (subject to availability). You can reserve additional sessions for a small fee (€5 for wood). During the hotter months, our hot tub becomes a 'cool tub' - feel free to cool off at any time (maximum 3 adults / 200KG at a time)

  • Do you provide a laundry service? currently we do not offer a guest laundry service. We hope to offer an outsourced laundry service in the future. During quieter times of the year we may be able to wash some of your laundry in our domestic machine, but you will need to request this when here

  • How far are you from Almeria airport? we are a very straightforward 25 minute drive from Almeria airport. We will provide you with detailed directions in your confirmation email

  • Do you provide pool towels? Yes, we can provide you with Fouta towels (Tunisian thin towels) for use by the pool. We ask that you do not take these or the room towels to the beach

  • Are mosquitos a problem at Little Agave? fortunately, due to the arid landscape surrounding us, mosquitoes are generally not a huge problem. During the rare times when they do occur (after rainfall) we will provide you with in-room plug in repellents

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding electricity and water at Little Agave:

Although we have made every effort possible to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity and water (and thus far we have not been let down) we are also extremely proud that Little Agave is 100% off grid, which does mean that the unexpected can still happen! Being off grid requires a certain amount of responsibility from us as owners, not to overload the systems, but also from guests to understand and appreciate the nature of solar power and its limitations.....

ELECTRICITY: we politely ask that guests try to reduce electric use when not in the rooms by unplugging chargers, turning off lights, fans and air conditioning. We also ask that guests DO NOT use their own hairdryers; we PROVIDE low wattage hairdryers in all rooms.

WATER: water is our most limited resource.....this is the most arid part of Spain after all.....and all our water is delivered. In the future we hope to dig our own well, but for the moment, to reduce carbon emissions from the delivery vehicles, we ask that our guests help us minimise water wastage by being aware of water usage in the rooms.


HOT WATER: Our water is heated by an extremely effective solar water heating system, which delivers extremely hot water to the bedrooms (please be careful). We also have a secondary back up hot water solar tank. In the rare instances when there is no sun for multiple days (winter months), we also have a back up gas boiler for hot water.